HBA News and Announcements

Thank You to Pronk Technologies and Unisyn Medical Technologies

Thanks to Pronk Technologies and Unisyn Medical Technologies for sponsoring the meeting, January 18, 2011 at Rick’s Café Boatyard Omaha! We had a great membership turnout, excellent food and drinks, and no kittens were harmed!

Also, a special congratulations to Phil Mininni for winning the distinguished honor of "HBA Member of the Year" for 2010. Pictures coming to our media page soon.

CBET Study Group

To all members who are interested in obtaining their certification:

One of our members, Dustin Ream, is organizing a study group through the Colorado Area Biomed Association. As an affiliated association, part of the fee will be waived.

To sign up go to http://www.cabmet.org/ website and fill out the CBET study group individual registration form and pay $60 by check or Paypal. On the registration form put Heartland Biomed Association for the Hospital/Company.