Opportunity for Feedback on the Direction of the Biomed Field

Please read the following message from FMESA. You can then click the link below to give your feedback.

FMESA is contacting as many Biomed Associations and Society’s as possible to ensure everyone has a chance to comment. Please pass on this link to your members and ask for their input. This event highlights one of the main reasons why FMESA was created A single voice to bring to the national arena. We were able to have a place at the conference held by AAMI through the participation of Pat Lynch and Karen Waninger, one of the founders of FMESA.

So your association or society would discuss current events and have your representative bring those concerns or positions to a representative FMESA meeting. FMESA in turn would either write a position statement with the backing of our membership or have a representative bring those concerns or positions statements to a national meeting.

In the meantime, while you may not be a FMESA member it is important for everyone to participate.

AAMI is soliciting public comments about the recommended name and the future direction of the field. The comment period will be open until Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

You can submit your comments at this link.