Opportunity for BMETs to Instruct Abroad With EWH

EWH is a non-profit organization with the mission of improving access to quality healthcare technology for the world's poorest. EWH achieves this mission through various programs, including our BMET Training Program abroad. In this program, EWH hosts training programs in developing countries for local BMETs working in public and charity-based hospitals. This training provides the critical human capacity to repair and maintain the devices that the patients in these countries depend on.

In order to implement these programs, EWH frequently invites professionals from the biomedical community with expertise in specific areas to provide instruction through lessons and hands-on equipment repair. Guest instructors are typically invited to accompany EWH for two to four week trips. EWH provides all airfare, lodging, food, and translation services for the guest instructors. EWH is currently in Rwanda and Honduras, with programs set to begin soon in Cambodia and Ghana. All of these sites provide a great opportunity for biomedical professionals to serve their colleagues in developing countries and to experience parts of the world with interesting people, culture, and travel destinations. You can find more information with these links:

The EWH BMET Training page, with more information and a video discussing our program can be found here: http://ewh.org/index.php/programs/BMET. A survey for potential guest instructors registering their interest, skills, and experience can be found here: http://ewh.org/index.php/programs/BMET/survey.