Transportation Options For May Meeting

Since our May 2012 HBA meeting will be held in Lincoln, Nebraska, there are a couple of options for HBA members to save money on transportation costs.

1. Our executive committee is considering renting one or more 15 passenger vans for transporting interested attendees from Omaha to Lincoln and back. The estimated cost for each van rental is around $100 plus fuel costs. The cost would be split amongst the interested parties so the cost to each participant would depend upon the number of travelers. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Nancy Welch/Arlyn Reyes at If there is sufficient interest, we will contact those who have responded to coordinate the cost and arrangements.

2. Additionally, John Wolken is organizing a group to carpool to and from the meeting. If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact John at The group will be meeting at 20103 West Ridge Rd. Gretna, NE 68028 and will plan to leave at 5:30PM for Lincoln so be sure not to be late. Click here to map this location.